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Photo tour of some Division layouts (click caption to see more)

The Division has a an email group named PD2NERBNRA@groups.io. If you have not joined and wish to do so please contact the Senior Assistant Superintendent or Superintendent.

POTOMAC DIVISION HOLDS "Build and Take" Clinics


The Potomac Division is holding "live" build and take clinics. The clinics take place at Jerry Stanley's Hobby Barn. The next clinic is set for Saturday, May 8th at 10:00 A.M.. Ernie Little, MMR and  a member of the Potomac Division, will present a clinic on building a car using Styrene. Please preregister for this event. For more information or to preregister contact Jerry at paymaster@potomac-nmra.org .

May 8, 2021 "Scratch Building a Car in Styrene" Ernie Litttle, MMR
June 8, 2021 "Carpentry Techniques to Build a Module" Jerry Stanley
August 7, 2021
"Weathering Techniques Using an Air Brush" Shannon Crabtree

Click here to see ALL OF the upcoming Hobby Barn events


The Potomac Division brings to your attention that the PD website provides access to past Potomac Flyer issues, past clinics, and a new activity, where if you like railroad trivia, then take a try at the Potomac Division crossword puzzle challenge. To go to any of these just click on the blue link and you will be taken to them. The crossword puzzle will be a PDF file you can download that provides the puzzle, clues, AND the solution.

Layout Tours:

We are pleased to announce  our first Virtual Layout tour held on Saturday, December 12, 2020 went well. Todd Hermann and his camera person Molly took forty two of us on a tour of the Lehigh & New England Catasauqua Branch. Click here for more details of the railroad.

This and future virtual layout tours will be recorded and posted to our You Tube Channel. Click here to access the virtual layout tour area on the prior layout tour page.

For additional information regarding cancellations of Layout tours due to the coronavirus you can click here. Layout tours will continue as soon as the coronovirus guidelines permit and hosts allow visitation of their homes.



The Board of Directors has initiated the Board of Directors Elections process. Current bylaws provide for three of the Board of Director positions to be open to election which are currently held by the Division Superintendent, Division Senior Assistant Superintendent and Division Clerk, all of whose two year terms are expiring this year. The elections will take place by ballots sent to Potomac Division members by mail due to the uncertainty of being able an in person Annual Meeting because of the coronovirus restrictions. Election ballots were mailed to ALL Potomac Division members on March 30th. Watch your mail box and remember to mail your completed ballot back to the Jerry Stanley, Paymaster and Election Committee Chair no later than APRIL 26TH.

IMPORTANT DATES concerning the Election process are as follows:

April 26th (Midnight)- Deadline for receipt of ballots by the Nominations Committee.

May 1st - First meeting of the new Board of Directors.

May 8th - The winning candidates an the Board of Director positions (if possible) will be announced to the membership by posting on the Division's Groups.IO, Division emails, and on the Division's website.

June 1st- The winning candidates and the Board of Director positions will be announced to the membership in the Potomac Flyer.


On April 18th, as a part of the Virtual Clinic scheduled that day, there will be a virtual Annual membership meeting using the Zoom platform. Attendance of the virtual clinic and annual meeting will require members to REGISTER. To register click here. This session will start at 1:00 P.M. with Tony Koester presenting a Virtual Clinic on "Update on the Nickel Plate". There will be a short question and answer period associated with the clinic then the Annual Meeting will take place. After the meeting Alex Belida will provide an update to us on the work being done in followup of his recent layout information request that will be a will be a feature in a forthcoming issue of the Potomac Flyer and the Division website. During the Annual Meeting bylaw amendments will be discussed and voted upon. Click here to view the proposed new bylaws.


The Potomac Division holds Virtual Clinics on the the third Sunday of each month which start at 3:00 P.M. and run until they are completed. All Virtual clinics are presented using the Zoom video platform which will allows attendees to have video and audio, video only, or just listen access. Click here for Information on how to use Zoom. An email with information on how to access the on-line clinic will be sent to the PD membership prior to two weeks prior to the clinic and reminder emails will be sent one week prior and the day of the clinic. Here is the schedule:

April18, 2021 Note this clinic will start at 1:00 P.M.
 "Update on the Nickel Plate" Tony Koester
May16, 2021 "Oregon Coast Railroad" Mat Thompson
June 20, 2021 "Sooner Rather Than Later" Paul Dolkos

If you have a topic you would like to present contact Andrew Dodge, our Senior Assistant Superintendent.

If you want to see a list of ALL Potomac Division clinics, both virtual and "Build and Take" click here.

Past Virtual clinic videos  are posted on the Potomac Division's YouTube Channel, "Potomac Division Mid Eastern Region NMRA". Click here to access the Virtual Clinic area of the clinic page. 


The NMRA has not scheduled their next virtual event. When information is received it will be posted here.

The NMRA has posted videos from the clinics and layout visits that took place at the NMRAx events. Click on the following link to go to their NMRA You Tube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHw-7-1FWB5zQgTM0ZVY-Yw/videos


The staff of the Potomac Flyer is looking for articles on railroad related projects our members are working on during the Coronavirus 19 restrictions. If you have something please reach out to them and share what you have. You can contact the staff by clicking here.


The Potomac Division has several Master Model Railroaders (MMRs). To see a list of the PD MMRs click here.

Congratulations to Brian Kidd on his receipt of the NMRA Author AP and NMRA Chief Dispatcher AP certificates.

Congratulations to Alex Belida on his receipt of the NMRA Master Builder - Cars AP certificate.

Congratulations to Bob Rodriguez on his receipt of the NMRA Author AP certificate.

Congratulations to Brian Sheron on his receipt of the Association Official AP certificate.

Congratulations to Bill Lyders on his receipt of the NMRA Model Railroad Engineer Civil AP achievement certificate.

Congratulations to Bernie Kempinski on his receipt of the NMRA Master Builder – Cars, and Master Builder – Prototype Models AP achievement certificates. With receiving these he is now a Master Model Railroader- MMR #654.

Congratulations to Alex Belida on his receipt of the NMRA Master Prototype AP achievement certificate.

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