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Potomac Division’s Modeling Outreach Program

The Potomac Division is pleased to announce a new program of educational and information-sharing activities. The Potomac Division leadership is dedicated to offering “the best type of programming that the members wish to support.” As Andrew Dodge, MMR and Senior Assistant Superintendent says, “We have an untapped powerhouse of first-class modelers waiting to come out and share their time and talent. I am anticipating a strong show of support from the members so we can mount the highest quality clinics and demonstration workshops possible. I hope our Potomac Division community wants to join us in what should be an exciting future.”

Upcoming Events:

Event Location — Date
   Joint Meet with James River Division . Four clinics, two layout tours Battlefield Baptist Church, Warrenton — November 16, 2019
  Meet, clinics, discussion Mary Surratt House and Museum, Clinton — March 7, 2020
  Potomac Division Minicon St. Matthews United Methodist Church, Annandale — April 4, 2020

Joint Meet with James River Division . Four clinics, two layout tours — November 16, 2019: 9AM – 4PM

Where: Battlefield Baptist Church, 4361 Lee Highway, Warrenton, VA
Note: Battlefield Baptist ( www.battlefieldbaptist.org ) is closer to Gainesville than Warrenton even though the address is 4361 Lee Highway in Warrenton.

From the East, take Route 66 West. Get off on either Rt. 29 South (Exit 43A) or on Rt. 15 South at Hay Market (Exit 40A) and then right onto Rt. 29 South. The church is 5 miles from Rt. 66 on the left as you are heading South.

Doors open at 9 am and we’ll gather together for a few words, a cup of coffee, and maybe even a donut or three. We have two tracks of clinics using two rooms so four clinics before lunch. After the clinics, we are planning an open discussion on the NMRA Achievement Program. You can bring your models and we can either judge them or just discuss whatever you want regarding all aspects of the AP with at least three MMR’s. We’ll have a modeling theme – flat cars – so bring your models for display and popular vote.

Lunch will be on your own (and there are plenty of local options for foraging within 20 minutes along Rt. 29/15.)
Then in the afternoon we’ll have two layouts open to visit in the area. So come on out for our November end of the year fling!

Clinic Track 1

Clinic Track 2

9:30 am
Jerry Stanley – Building the Building for Building the Layout Rod Vance – Vinegar, Pickles, and Railroads... Oh My!
10:30 am
John Sethian  – Modeling in 2 rail O
Terry Terrance – Modeling the B&O
West End
11:30 am
Achievement Program - an open discussion
12 noon  Lunch (on your own)
1:00 pm Open House Layout Tours
Terry Terrance – The M&K Junction Model Railroad Cam Green - Maine Central Railroad – Lower Road

Clinic Synopses

Jerry Stanley “Building the Building for Building the Layout” In the clinic I’ll talk about the process to select a building site. I hope to have a video loop playing of the actual construction drawings of the "Hobby barn" playing on the flat screen TV. In the clinic I will go through what type of building to build on different terrains, the basic requirements to provide a set of plans for a building permit, and “things to consider” when designing your hobby room building.
Rod Vance "Vinegar, Pickles and Railroads ... Oh My!"  This clinic talks about modeling the pickle and vinegar industries during the time period from the late 1800s to the early 1970s. We'll talk about how pickles and vinegar were made and processed, including looking at the typical structures and facilities used in their production. We'll also talk about the special railroad cars used to transport pickles and vinegar. We'll finish by surveying some of the structures and freight car models commercially available that can be used to represent the pickle and vinegar industries.
John Sethian Modeling in 2 rail O Scale has many advantages: The larger size gives the feel of heavy moving machinery, and fine details can be added and seen without heroics. O Scale is not outrageously expensive, does not require an aircraft hangar size space, and most equipment is readily available. The talk presents the basics for O Scale modeling, including sources, suppliers, and techniques.
Terry Terrance – “Modeling the B&O West End” How does one go about modeling an iconic, yet isolated and obscure part of the Baltimore & Ohio's original main line? This clinic will describe how I went about it.
  • The seed of an idea.
  • Objectives?
  • What to include, what to omit.
  • Developing the track plan
  • What time period?
  • Locomotive roster
  • Rolling stock fleet
  • How I built the layout: civil engineering, electrical engineering, etc.
While I built my representation of the West End in O Scale, this clinic will be as scale agnostic as possible.

Layout Tours

We’ll have handouts with directions for each layout from the church available after the open discussion on the Achievement Program
Cam Green Maine Central Railroad – Lower Road
HO scale double deck layout featuring the “Lower Road” between Yarmouth Junction, ME to Augusta ME. Set in the late 1970’s and operated per prototype with some modelling license. Operations center around Brunswick Yard where several local freights exchange cars and Augusta where several locals worked through from Waterville, Me. DCC Digitrax control system.  Train orders are used to govern movements.
Terry Terrance – The M&K Junction Model Railroad (O Scale). Part of the “double humped” B&O crossing of the Allegheny mountains, the grade on Briery Mountain (Cranberry Grade), the crossing of the Cheat River at Rowlesburg, WV and the grade up Laurel Mountain (Cheat River Grade), is depicted in condensed form on this layout. Rowlesburg was a helper station as trains needed to be pushed up the grades in both directions out of Rowlesburg. The Morgantown and Kingwood Railroad (merged into the B&O after 1922) interchanged with the B&O at Rowlesburg, the railroad's name for Rowlesburg – M&K Junction. The time period is late 1949 through early 1952 – the period when diesels and steam co-existed at M&K. Seven, four-unit F7 diesel sets arrived in 1949 and were so superior in heavy mountain railroading that the subdivision was dieselized in 1952.
      The track is designed to create the feel of the prototype with heavy grades and very little tangent (straight) track and to be scenically sincere, that is, trains pass through a scene only once. There are few on-line industries on the prototype and few will be included on the model railroad (some have been added for scenic/operational interest). A model of the B&O's 4 stone-arch Tray Run Viaduct is planned. The model will be 2/3 full scale size and over 6’ long. The B&O's crossing of Cheat River is represented with a truncated single span bridge.
The basement is approximately 25 ½ x 36 feet. Minimum mainline radius is 60”, and that is only on the inner track on one curve. The minimum radius elsewhere is 62” or larger. The layout is 2-rail, O scale. The layout runs on a Digital Command Control (DCC) system using a combination of Lenz power/command stations; Java Model Railroad Interface (JMRI) software and computer control; JMRI WiFi throttles running on Android devices; and locomotive and accessory decoders from many different manufacturers.

Meet, clinics, discussion  — March 7, 2020: Saturday morning 9 AM – 12 PM

A really new event takes place in an area not often visited by the division. On March 7, 2020, we will be holding a full day of activities for the division at the Mary Surratt House and Museum, a historic property of The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. . which is located at 9110 Brandywine Road, Clinton, MD 20735.

The doors will open at 9 AM with coffee and donuts, and the board will discuss events taking place in the division.

Preliminary program (not at all firm)

9:00 am Meet and Greet , Donuts and Coffee
9:15 am Short meeting of the board. Discuss the upcoming elections in April.
9:30 am Layout Previews for the afternoon, by Dale Latham and Glenn Paulson
10:00 am Show-and-tell Caboose time. Andrew Dodge with South Park and Midland waycars.  Other modelers.
10:30 am Bernie Halloran  There’s another way to do it — including the coving of corners without using Masonite or styrene, water without 2-part epoxy and horrifying smells, Gatorboard, rubber cement, etc.
!2:00 noon Lunch on your own
1:30 - 4:00 pm Open House Layouts:

Potomac Division’s Minicon —April 4,2020: Saturday 9 AM – 3 PM

Where: Matthews United Methodist Church, 8617 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003
 Meet and Greet: Socializing Coffee and Donuts

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