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For those of you that are new to the hobby or those just wanting to know more about the Achievement Program (AP), here is a quick rundown:

Participation in the AP is strictly voluntary, all NMRA members are welcome and encouraged to participate. The AP helps you on your journey through the world of model railroading. The AP will provide you an incentive to learn and master the many crafts and skills necessary in the hobby of model railroading. With the completion of each category, you will be issued a certificate acknowledging your achievement.

Complete information can be found on the NMRA AP web page.
The requirements may appear harder than they actually are. There is lots of help available that explains how to meet the requirements

The NMRA Achievement Program web page provides a discussion of  both the achievement program and all of the requirements and instructions necessary to prepare a certificate application package, including all necessary forms, for each of the eleven certificate categories.
The NMRA Achievement web page has a link to a series of articles, called "The Master's Series".  These articles provide practical guidelines on how to meet the requirements of  the various achievement categories.  Although these articles were written in the 1991-1993 time frame, much, if not all, of the information they contain is still relevant.
NMRA designated 2008 as the "Year of the Master Model Railroader."  In recognition of this, NMRA's Scale Rails magazine published a series of articles written by Master Model Railroaders that provide up-to-date practical advice on meeting the requirements of each of the eleven achievement catagories.  These articles are now available on the NMRA Achievement Program Web page.   To access these articles from the NMRA Achievement program web page, click on the link called "The Masters Articles."  The recent Scale Rails articles have been included along with the original series of articles.
Acheivement program judging is done by an NMRA member that has already earned a certificate in the area being judged (other judges have to be NMRA members, but need not have earned a certificate in the area being judged).  Thus, a good source of advice for meeting the requirements of a specific certificate is an NMRA member that has already earned that specific certificate.  The Potomac Division  Achievement Program coordinator, Mat Thompson, MMR, wants to help members by getting them answers to their AP questions.  Mat has earned his MMR, and can either answer your questions, get answers to your questions, or put you in contact with person(s) that can answer your questions!  Brian can be reached at 703-743-1895, or at Achievement-Program@potomac-nmra.org

 Special Note concerning publication points for Author Certificate:

The Author achievement certificate is earned when an individual earns a total of 42 points from publishing a combination of materials.  In general, an article in a divisional newsletter, such as the Potomac Flyer, earned 1 point per page.  However, section 1.D of the Author achievement program requirements says that material published on public electronic forums, such as the internet, earn credit at the same rate as Region publications.  Since the Potomac Flyer is published electronically and is available on the Potomac Division's web site, then articles published in the Potomac Flyer earn region publication points, or two points per page.

However, the articles published are still considered division publications and section 1.A states that no more than half of the total required points (21) may be claimed for Division or 100% NMRA club publications.  In addition, section 1.D says that no more than half of he total required points (21) may be claimed for electronic publications.

An example of what this means follows:
You are working towards your Author certificate.  You have published a total  of 13 pages of articles in the Potomac Flyer, and all of the Potomac Flyer issues are electronically on the Potomac Division web site.  If an electronically published page is two points, then in theory, the 13 pages would earn 2 x 13 = 26 points.  However, since only half of author points can be earned from divisional publications, then only 21 author points can be earned for the 13 pages of division publications.

Also note that any articles published on the web page under Neat, Nifty & Cool (NN&C) would also earn points at the rate of two points per page, but because thay are division publications, they would be subject to the point limitation above.

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