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Looking for adventure or a challenge related to model railroading? Maybe you are new to the hobby or just want to know more about the National Model Railroader Association's (NMRA) Achievement Program (AP). The NMRA AP is all of this and more, as well as the fact that you, yes YOU, can become a Master Model Railroader (MMR) by completing the necessary AP certificates.
The Mid-Eastern Region President Kurt Thompson, has challenged members of the Mid-Eastern Region to increase the number of Region Master Model Railroaders and the Potomac Division supports this goal.
Participation in the AP is voluntary and all NMRA members are welcome and encouraged to participate. The AP will help you to learn about railroading by taking you on a journey through a series of AP certificate activities where you will learn and master the knowledge, crafts, and skills necessary to be successful in the hobby of model railroading and learn about the working and operational aspects of a real railroad. On the journey you will receive incentives in the form of various AP certificates awarded when you meet the AP standard for each category. You only need a total of seven AP certificates in the appropriate categories to achieve becoming a MMR.
The Potomac AP Coordinator is Mat Thompson, MMR # 595, who is available to answer questions about the AP and if he can't answer the question, he will find someone who can. He can be contacted by email at ocrr@comcast.net or phone at 703-743-1895.
Complete information on the NMRA AP and its requirements can be found on the NMRA AP web page. When you read the requirements they may appear difficult but in reality they are very achievable. You will find that if you experience difficulty there is lots of help available through several AP related websites, groups, fellow AP participants, and the Region and Division's Master Model Railroaders who have been there and done that. They can explain how to meet the AP requirements.

The NMRA Achievement Program web page contains a lot of information. it provides an overview of the AP and its objectives and provides the requirements for each of the AP certificates and instructions on how to prepare the necessary  certificate application package, including the necessary forms, for each of the eleven certificate categories. There is a link to a web page that contains additional links to a series of articles referred to as “The Master’s ” articles. This series of articles provides practical guidelines on how to meet the requirements of each of the eleven AP categories. Although the articles were written in the 1991-1993 time frame, much, if not all, of the information presented in them is still relevant.

Some AP certificates require an evaluation of the modeler's efforts by a group local NMRA members of at least one of them has already earned a certificate in the area being judged.Judging can happen at NMRA events or you can contact the Division's AP Coordinator who will arrange for an evaluation team to visit your layout.

A good source of advice for meeting the specific requirements for a specific AP certificate is a NMRA member that has earned the AP certificate in question.

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