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Marshall  Abram’s Award

The Marshall Abrams award was created by the Potomac Division Board of Directors in the Spring of 2021 to recognize the valuable contributions made to the Potomac Division and the Mid-Eastern Region of the National Model Railroad Association, as well as at the National Model Railroad Association level itself. It is named in honor of the late Marshall David Adams who was an integral Potomac Division member who served the Division in several positions  which included Division Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Potomac Flyer Publisher, and as the Division's webmaster. He also served as the Chairman of at least two Regional conventions and several Division mini-conventions. Marshall is remembered by many as an individual who had an avid interest in model railroading and was willing to offer his support to the development of the hobby in any way he could.

Each year at the Potomac Division's Annual Meeting this award is presented to a Division member who has demonstrated outstanding service to the Potomac Division. The award criteria consists of the following which serves as a guideline in the selection of the individual to receive this award:

            1. The recipient must be a member in good standing of the Division.
            2. The recipient must have shown a level of service above and beyond that expected by other members of the Division.
            3. In addition to service to the Division, service to the Mid-Eastern Region and national model train efforts may also be considered.

The selection process takes place in January of every year and involves a committee appointed by the Division Superintendent to make the determination of the individual(s) to receive the award. The committee is authorized to select two individuals if it sees fit. Although the committee determines the individual to receive the award by February 1st, the announcement of the individual(s) is not made until the Division's Annual Meeting where the awardee(s) is recognized by the Division Superintendent.

This web page is dedicated to those receiving the award and serve as a history of those receiving the award.

       2020-2021   Marshall Abrams

      2021-2022   Mat Thompson