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These Special Interest Reports, which have appeared in the Potomac Flyer,
are of lasting value.and interest.

Insurance for Your Model Railroad — by Marshall Abrams
Most model railroaders never think about insurance. This report will help you to determine whether your homeowners’ insurance sufficiently covers your model railroad. Resolution will require some data gathering and decisions on your part:
  • What coverage does your homeowners' policy provide?
  • What are the components (e.g., motive power, rolling stock, structures, scenery, benchwork, scenery, structures, wiring, track, power and control electronics), of the railroad worth?
  • What is your subjective assessment of the risk?
  •  Are you going to include repair labor in the insurance?

Estate Planning for Model Railroaders — by Marshall Abrams
This report presents advice on disposal of a model railroad for model railroaders who wish to dispose of their model railroad assets. This should be part of estate planning. Topics include: priorities, inventory and value, high value items, written instructions, planning for layout disposition, selling, scenarios, fees, professional services, and using eBay.

Perishable Freight — By Mike White, Edited by Randy Ghertler
The focusis the use of waybills in perishable freight operations. The information provided will take you deep into the regulations behind perishable freight waybilling and provide guidelines for use of realistic waybills in model railroad operations. To develop a scheme, take into account the region the railroad is set in, what agricultural products are grown and produced, the era, the season, and what car types would be used. The opportunities include waybilled icing and re-icing, which can greatly enhance operational realism and enjoyment.
Earning Merit Awards — By Mat Thompson, Edited by Randy Ghertler
Mat candidly discusses how to best score points in the NMRA achievement program for modeling cars and structures. The lessons he shares go deep into the point methodology of the AP Judging Guidelines for Motive Power, Cars, and Structures. Some very fine modeling work could end up with a low point score from not understanding the nuances of the point scoring systems. The benefit of scratchbuilding to increase point count is addressed.