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Share the fun of model-railroading!

The Potomac Division has a brochure to promote the hobby and membership in the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). It is available for you to print and give to your friends and acquaintances to interest them in our hobby. Click here to open the PDF file ready for printing. The file is set up for easy two-sided printing at home by folding on the short edge.
Click here to open the NMRA membership web page to join the NMRA. 
Click here to join the Potomac Division discussion group on Groups.IO:PD2MERNMRA.

Why should you join the NMRA?

Just as the NMRA organization has three levels, membership benefits accrue at three levels.

At the local level, Potomac Division, level we offer:

Potomac Division web site
Achievement Program - Your opportunity to have your modeling work evaluated by your peers and recognized for excellence.
Home Pages - Want to promote your pike?  We will list it on our web page.  We'll even host it for you.
Layout Tours - Come visit the best layouts in the area at these monthly get-togethers.
Modeling Ideas - A library of idea of varying sizes and scopes.
Operating Groups - Interested in operating a railroad in a prototype manner? We have groups that will welcome you to the fun. Session frequencies vary from weekly to monthly.
Operations Saturday - Not sure you want to join a group, but want to find out what the fun and excitement is about?  Our periodic sessions are a perfect way to dip your toe into the water.
Potomac Flyer - Our bi-monthly newsletter about all things model  railroading happening in the Potomac Division.
MiniCon - A local, annual, one-day convention, complete with modular layouts, clinics, judging for merit and the AP Program, a white elephant table where members exchange equipment and related materials that are surplus to their needs, at prices usually far below the market.

The Division has social media accounts
Groups.io : An on-line Potomac Division discussion group.
Twitter : You need to have a Twitter account to access. Our division is Nmra Pd.
Instagram: You need a Instagram account to access. Our division is potomacnmra.
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PotomacNMRA/

At our regional, Mid-Eastern Region (MER), level we offer:

MER web site
Annual Convention - A multi-day affair with clinics, layout tours, operating sessions, modular layouts, judging, and prototype tours.
The Local - A regional newsletter published six times a year.

At the national, NMRA, level we offer:

National NMRA web site
Standards - When the cars of one manufacturer cars work with the cars of another manufacturer on a  track or your DCC system, with decoders from one manufacturer and the base system from another, works, thank the NMRA as they have established standards for such.
Annual Convention - Larger than the regional convention, includes the National Train Show.
NMRA Magazine - A monthly model railroading magazine.