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Open House Recommendations

Minimum Requirement:

1. A train should run.

Strongly Recommended:

1. Host to arrange friend(s) to operate the layout so that host is free to answer questions

2. Host to provide a table area and chair for greeter near the designated entry door

3. Host to prepare and post signs in interior of residence directing visitors to refreshments, layout, and restroom.

The Potomac Division will endeavor to provide:

1. Greeter – to greet guests, ask them to sign in, and direct them to the layout, restroom, and refreshments (additional information available in Greeter Job Description)

2. Reporter – to write up Division’s visit for the Potomac Flyer (additional information available in Reporter Job Description)

3. Photographer – to photograph host’s layout for the next issue of the Potomac Flyer (additional information available in Reporter Job Description)

4. Yard signs and install them and remove them at end of open house

5. Official Potomac Division Sign in sheet

Suggestions for Host (Optional):

1. Provide some refreshments for visitors (hosts in the past have provided some combination of bottled water, cookies, sodas, coffee, chips).
Reasoning: Many visitors have travelled a great distance and have had little opportunity to obtain refreshment on the road.

2. Invite friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, acquaintances (house of worship, affinity groups in which one is a member).
Reasoning: These invites will help ensure a good turnout.

3. Prepare a hand-out describing the layout (can be as simple or elaborate as one wishes).

4. Some hosts have a give-away table for surplus model railroad magazines and supplies; host may consider doing this to make unwanted “stuff” go away. The table should have a “free” sign.

What Host Should Expect:

1. Attendance at such events is impossible to predict. Variables include weather, distance of host residence from other members, how well known the host is in the Division, etc. The number of visitors has ranged from about five to twenty-five.

2. Many visitors will have questions about how the layout was built, etc.

3. No offense should be taken from low attendance – even John Armstrong had an open house with zero attendance.



Prepared by Nicholas Kalis April 26 2019