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Hosting Model Railroad Websites

Free hosting of model railroad web sites is now available to Potomac Division members.

In the spring of 2014, our webmaster, Bill Mosteller, convinced the PD board that the Potomac Division website should be moved from free websites on Comcast owned by two Division members to a paid hosting service.  As it turned out, it was a prescient call.  Comcast, with no explanation, announced that sometime in early October 2015, they will delete the service and existing websites.  As a result, a lot of time and effort expended by members building their websites on Comcast would be lost along with the website itself if the website were not relocated.  Just as important, all of the World Wide Web links to the website or topics contained on the website will fail.

The PD Board made the decision to host member's model railroad webpages on the new PD website potomac-nmra.org.

For each request to establish a model railroad website on potomac-nmra.org we will provide complete step-by-step instructions on what information we need to set up your unique space on potomac-nmra.org as well as how to configure the Secure FTP client program to integrate with us for the purpose of transferring your initial files or subsequent updates. We use the free program Core FTP LE.

Your part is a rather straightforward process and not difficult to do.

Maybe you’ve thought about creating a web site for your railroad. This is an opportunity to make that come true. Those of us supporting the Potomac Division site use a (free) WYSIWYG web editor called BlueGriffon.   While we are far from experts, we can offer limited help as you build your own web site. One member created his web site using MS Publisher .

For further information contact Marshall via e-mail at Layout-pages@potomac-nmra.org