Potomac Division Board Meeting 

October 24, 2009

The Potomac Division Board meeting was convened at Bill Demas’ house at 12:50 PM by Superintendent Marshall Abrams.  Also present were Bill Day, Tom Brodrick, Mike White, Brian Sheron and Russell Forte from Chesapeake Division.

Paymaster’s Report – Mark Andersen’s submitted report stated the Division had a net balance of $4638.21 after income and expenses and includes a balance of $526.26 for the Module Crew.  This reflects a net increase of $12.68 from the last report.

Clerk’s Report – Bill Demas reported the Division had an active paid NMRA membership of 370.  This number includes 4 new and renewal for a net decrease of 2 since the last report.

Newsletter – The deadline for the next Flyer is January 1, 2010.  A motion to adjust the publication schedule with the calendar quarters was passed unanimously. The current deadline for the winter (Jan-Feb-Mar) issue is now Jan 1.  That deadline would be moved back to December 1, etc.  The winter issue would now be Jan-Feb-Mar, spring issue Apr-May-Jun, and so on. Suggestions to continue upgrades to the publication included author’s pictures, a backlog of pictures to fill white space, more activity pictures spread throughout the publication, with a request going out to the membership to submit activity and layout pictures as well as more items for the “Neat” and “Tips” items, and an increase in the number of pages in the Flyer.  The “Neat ‘n Nifty” and “Tips and Tricks” columns may be expanded to contain one in depth ‘nifty” or “trick” each issue.  The resulting increase in the size of the Flyer will only increase the postage by 17 to 34 cents per issue for the mailed copies.

Program Coordinator – Tom Brodrick reported the next open houses will be the Baltimore Society of Model Engineers on November 1 and Steve King in Germantown, MD on December 6.   Tom will work the door there.  There will be only one open house next summer during July and August.

A P Program – Brian Sheron reported one new certificate application from Matt Thompson for Scenery since the last meeting.  

Computer Clerk – Mike White reported a new “Helper Service” page was being created.
He and Brian will refine/define AP requirements and solicit volunteers in specialty areas of the hobby who agree to be included in a directory to serve as a resource contact for the membership for answers and advice to problems in their area of expertise.
Russell Forte and Mike will exchange information about upcoming activities and news within each Division for posting on their respective web pages.  The By-Laws page is posted; the Board Minutes page is posted, and the “Tips ‘n Tricks” page has been added.  Mike will set up a page devoted exclusively to the Mini-Con.

Module Crew – Mark Andersen submitted a report the Crew was set up at the Greenburg Show today and tomorrow in Fredericksburg.  Scheduled upcoming appearances will be November 7 & 8 at the Rockville Lions Club holiday show; December 5 & 6 at Fairfax Station holiday show; December 12 & 13 at Herndon Days Town Celebration; and January 2 & 3, 2010 at the Greenburg Show at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly.
There was no report on the proposal to set up in vacant storefronts in shopping malls for the upcoming holiday season.  

Old Business
  Tom addressed the question of public meetings/clinics that would begin after the Mini-con that will alternate monthly with open houses.  The Board agreed that Saturdays from 10am to 1pm was a good time frame, since it will allow for both a clinic and a time for socializing afterward to increase fellowship and engagement among the Division members, and Tom will explore the possibilities of either choosing alternating sites or settling on one permanent venue.  The first meeting would take place next May.
   Outreach – The expansion of the Flyer and web pages serve as one component.  The open meetings/clinics will serve as another.  Howard County members will continue to be on our mailing list as well as Chesapeake Division.  Bill Day will continue to remind local area Scout troops that we are ready to serve as a resource, and we’ll continue the placement of our pamphlets in hobby shops and libraries.

   Clinics – Mark has 11 of the 12 slots filled.
   Volunteers – Members of both Divisions will be encouraged to bring display-only as well as contest entries.  Tom and Russell will solicit the participation of area module groups.  A member from each Division will work side by side at the door.  
    Publicity – Mike will continually update the web page.  Tom will create posters for display in hobby shops.  Reminders will appear in the Flyer.
    Catering – Bill Demas reported that the Church youth group will provide refreshments and lunch.
    Budget – A budget of $750 has been established.  There will be a $10 admission to the mini-con.
   White elephant – Clint Hyde will work the table, with volunteer support.  The Divisions will realize a 10% commission on all sales.
    Contests/Judging/AP – Members will have the option of entering for contest judging for AP points, or for popular vote entry and/or as a “dry run” to learn what needs to be improved for future contests The judges will be available after the close of judging to critique the entries, so members may receive input on how they may improve their modeling skills.  Certificates will be awarded.
    Chesapeake Division will hold a mini-con in November in Havre de Grace.  The specific date will be posted on the web site.

New Business – None.

The next meeting will be at Marshall Abram’s house at noon on Saturday, November 21.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Demas, Clerk
Potomac Division