Potomac Division Board Meeting

July 18, 2009

The Potomac Division Board Meeting was convened at Brian Sheron’s home at12:40 PM by Superintendent Marshall Abrams.  Also present were Mark Andersen, John Griffith, Mike White, Tom Brodrick, Bill Day and Bill Demas

Paymaster’s Report – Mark Andersen reported the Division had a net balance of $4626.53 after income and expenses, and includes a balance of $653.01 for the Module Crew.  This reflects a net increase of $160.53 since the last report.

Clerk’s Report – Bill Demas reported the Division had an active paid NMRA membership of 372.  This number includes 7 new and one renewal and is a net increase of 8 since the last report.

Newsletter – John Griffith reported the deadline for the next Flyer is October 1.  Martin Brechbiel is now printing the Flyer.  Bill Demas will write an article for the MiniCon.  There will be more color pictures to stimulate interest.  There also followed a discussion on what was appropriate subject matter for columns.  An emphasis on items as they relate and compare to MODEL railroading was agreed upon.

Layout Tours – Tom Brodrick reported that the September tour would be at Stan Knotts’home in Gaithersburg, MD.; the October tour would take place at Matt Thompson’s in Laytonsville, MD.  The date for the November tour at the Baltimore Society of Model Engineers is not yet finalized, but will appear in the Flyer and on the web page.  Marshall proposed a name change for Tom to Program Coordinator.  The motion was unanimously adopted.

AP Program – Brian Sheron reported no new awards since the last meeting. He will pursue responses from NMRA when inquires are made for valid criteria for certain portions of the AP program.

Computer Clerk – Mike White reported that all web information and the contact list is now up to date.  He is publishing and updating a list of all model railroads in the National Capitol area.  The Neat ‘n Nifty tips column is being refined as well.

Module Crew – Mark Andersen reported the Crew will appear on August 22-23 at the Greenberg Show and Fairfax Station on Labor Day weekend.  Declining participation by members is a growing concern and a reduced level of appearances at events is a real possibility.  Mark will keep the Board informed going forward.  Mark will seek out contacts for the purpose of exploring the possibility of setting up displays on weekends in empty store fronts in shopping malls.

Old Business
     Scouts - Bill Day is still refining contact methods to local scouting organizations    Outreach – Mike White, Brian Sheron and Bill Day will explore setting up a resource page on the website that lists experts in various fields within the hobby living in the Division and their contact information.  A report will be filed at the next meeting.

    MiniCon – Marshall reported on visiting a few sites.  A recommendation to accept an offer from the South Columbia Baptist Church on April 10th, 2010, based on the fact that all site requirements were met or exceeded was adopted by the Board.  [This date is nowApril 17, 2010.]  Following the approval of that motion, the Board approved a motion to offer to the new Chesapeake Division the option to co-host, with Potomac Division bearing the cost to set up the minicon, but with CD realizing a portion of any profit.  This would serve to aid CD to get up and running, as well as expanding the reach of area modelers.  Marshall is to contact the Superintendent of Chesapeake Division with this offer.

    Clinics – Mark reported that some clinics have already been lined up.  Twelve is the optimum number for a one day session.

    Volunteers – Tom will contact area module groups (other than the Module Crew) toexplore their willingness to participate.  Bill Demas will contact Bob Burroughs toexplore the possibility of the church Youth Group catering the event.

    A P – Mike and Brian will write a promotion for the web page.  Brian and Ed Price will judge at the minicon, with a request to Bill Roman to assist.

New Business – Marshall proposed monthly Division sign-up clinics start after the minicon, not before.

The next meeting will be at Bill Demas’ home at noon on Saturday, October 24, 2009

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Demas
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