Wes Morgenstern's
Western Maryland - East Subdivision

The O Scale (2-rail) 31 X 26 ft., DCC operated layout represents a section of the Western Maryland’s East Subdivision, between Highfield, MD and Westminster, MD. Approximately 2/3 of the layout currently has scenery. The era modeled is 1952/1953. The focal point of the layout is Union Bridge, MD where the Western Maryland had a large car shop, and the Lehigh Portland Cement Co. had (and still has) a large cement plant. Union Bridge was also the site of several farming related businesses. During operating sessions, one traveling switcher crew runs in the morning from Hagerstown staging through Thurmont to Union Bridge. After the crew completes switching, in Union Bridge, they return to Hagerstown. A second traveling switcher crew runs in the afternoon from Baltimore staging through Westminster to Union Bridge. After they complete switching, they return to Baltimore. Both crews have the option of switching the industries in Thurmont or Westminster either on their run to Union Bridge or on their return to their respective terminals. Depending on their experience, the traveling switcher crews may be given Form 19 train orders requiring that they provide clearance at certain times for as many as five through freights held in staging tracks beneath the layout Several years ago, when the Soundtraxx Tsunami HO (1 amp} decoders became available, I installed in the steam locomotives high efficiency, low amperage motors and replaced the old Soundtraxx decoders with Tsunami decoders. I was able to place the decoders and speakers in the boilers so that the sound comes out of the smokestack, not the tender. I have programmed the decoders so that the exhaust volume is highest when climbing grades or under load, and lowest when running downgrade.

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