Tom Brodrick's Providence and Worcester
September 14, 2013

Tom Brodrick's Providence and Worcester is loosely based on that part of the railroad from Providence, R.I. to Worcester, Mass. Starting in one part of the basement in Providence yard, the line snakes thru a 12’ x14’ room and along one wall rises to a 2nd tier that follows the bottom level for the remainder of the trip to Worcester yard and local switching. The railroad is fully operational and is about 75% scenicked.

Tom currently run 12-15 trains on an operational night and moves about 100 freight cars. Operations are based on a very simple train order system and the focus is on an urban setting with the 6 towns along the mainline being the source of most of the freight movements.

Equipment is all diesels with the time period from 1975 thru the present. The railroad is DCC controlled with 95% of the switches hand thrown as the operator follows the train along.  Pictures courtesy of Glenn Downing.

See Pictures from the Open House