Thomas Washburn's Miss Katy’s Forreston Yard (circa 1974)

October 20, 2018

Slideshow © Nigel Phillips

Tom Washburn Open House Report

by Nick Kalis

Thanks to host Tom Washburn and his lovely wife for hosting us yesterday for a first-time layout open house at their beautiful home in Burke, Virginia. Our visitors enjoyed the Washburn’s gracious hospitality and their very nice spread of cookies, snacks, and beverages. Visitors were treated to, among other features, a look at very well built bench work consisting of old school construction, solid open framework, cabinet grade plywood and Homasote for the track. This was a great opportunity to see the "bones" of a layout before the scenic cover was installed. Tom had installed DCC control for this iteration of his layout. The track work on Washburn was superb; Tom mentioned that his open house deadline prompted him to tear down his HO scale layout and re-build it for his greater enjoyment. Tom also mentioned he would be game to host another open house in 1 – 2 years. He appreciates the progress that a deadline promotes.

We learned that Tom is a retired military officer with the Provost Marshall. Tom proudly displayed the Potomac Division Certificate of Appreciation he had received by mail prior to his open house date.

Thanks to Reston’s Nigel Philips for serving as greeter.