Tom Brodrick's Providence and Worcester
Mark Andersen

The “woostir,” as Northeast fans or those former Massachusetts residents fondly say is well represented by the Brodrick subdivision in Damascus Maryland.  This fondness is akin to being a Red Sox fan as well.  Sharing this space with his wife Gail and her professional sewing alcove, Tom has incorporated his design for the P & W in the remaining space.  Ever a work in progress, our host has created a Digitrax controlled and protected two level layout.  Connected with a single spiral helix and long sloping approaches, Tom’s layout operates through an inner city locale in eastern Massachusetts.  Serving many towns and cities along the way, a coal plant and many smaller industries are well represented. These include fuel depots and coal companies to manufacturing concerns and warehousing, all requiring rail service and commodity exchange.

Starting in the main room when coming downstairs, there are two yards, each on a different level designed as terminal freight yards. Either starting or terminating points on this point to point layout, trains are dispatched to the engineer for operations.  Walking through to the back part of the basement, you enter the two tiered aisle ways of the rest of the railroad and Tom’s modeling workbench areas.  Designed for operations, many switching operations occur in the various communities using preplaced assigned switchers once the consist arrives.  
Designed as single track system with many passing sidings, operations become creative when train consist traffic picks up.  Ever concerned about railroad income, the Brodrick Division most recently redesigned and added a container yard.  This services the through trains from various container yards around the country bringing product to this Boston suburb railroad empire.  Also, this adds to the complexity of switching when operations night occurs on the P & W.

As with most railroads, scenery and building construction is an ongoing task and Tom has been busy.  His current dam project and subsequent scenery adds to the end of one loop of an aisle and continues on through to the surrounding adjacent communities.  Always upgrading cars, repairing track and maintaining his fleet of
P & W motive power, we can always look forward to entertaining times on Tom’s layout.

We want to “Thank” Tom and Gail for opening their home to the Division and for his tireless efforts as Layout Tour director.  If you have a layout, small, medium or large, contact Tom and show it to your fellow members, as we would enjoy seeing it and sharing in our model railroading hobby.


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