Stan Burroughs' V&T Division of the Norfolk & Western Railroad

July 14, 2018

Slide show by Mat Thompson
V&T (Virginia & Truckee) Division of the Norfolk & Western Railway
by John Paganoni

Stan Burroughs takes you on a journey from Nevada, in a bygone era, to Virginia in the days of steam. The genesis of this unique “across America” venture was the result of a flood in his basement layout room.  His first layout was focused on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad with vintage locomotives and cars, including well done “varnish” passenger cars. When the “flood” virtually destroyed this layout in 2011, Stan decided to rebuild his V&T as a Division under the management of the N&W. Stan grew up with many memories of trips he took between Norfolk and Richmond behind a Class J locomotive, thus the incentive to merge the two railroads. He is able to do continuous running of one train while doing local switching at the same time.

His industries are well thought out and focused on the textile industry. He moves cotton on the N&W to the S&B Textiles plant in Carson City then the fabric is shipped to the Reno Fabric & Quilt Factory Outlet. This was a very wise choice of industries since his wife is an avid and professional quilter! He also runs excursions on the V&T behind a factory painted Key Imports brass 4-6-0.  A scenic highlight for passengers is the view as they cross a wonderfully done high wooden trestle.

Now that the track work is done and the trains are operating extremely well, Stan plans to get busy doing scenery work.

The layout tour was very successful and all who attended had a wonderful time with many visitors staying a long period of time enjoying the layout, Stan’s innovations such as his unique homemade manual turnout controls, and just plain enjoying the greatness of model railroading.