Ralph Douglas's
Penn Southern Railroad
September 11, 2005

The HO PennSouthern Railroad is a 14' X 29' free-lance railroad roughly depicting the Pennsylvania and the Southern Railroads interchanging with the PRR, Nickel Plate, New York Central and the Bessemer Railroads back in the late 40s and early 60's.  The railroad uses code 100 flextrack with the Digitrax Digital Command Control. The railroad goes from Cleveland, OH through Pennsylvania and Maryland and Virginia. This railroad is single tracked mostly but in a way that makes it appear to be double tracked.  It can be operated point to point or continuous running with a variation of a double figure eight.

The PennSouthern is a multilevel layout including three separate mainlines each in the almost two scale HO miles.  The hi-line starts and finishes at the Cleveland Engine terminal looping through tunnels and over bridges, only to curve around through Cavetown, the Portage and Allegheny tunnels to travel back towards the terminal.

The lower lines start in Potomac yard, passing through numerous industries and towns providing for a serious opportunity for operating session.  Something Ralph has a desire to start.  The layout scenery is almost 100% complete, the backdrops and ascending mountains are beautifully done as is the entire layout.

DCC can be subdivided into 5 Power Districts for easy troubleshooting and the main lines are subdivided for signal operation.  Signals are not installed yet. Scenery is still being worked on, and structures are mostly complete except for the final details. Sit on authentic Long Island Passenger seats from the 1940s in the crew lounge.

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