Nick Kalis' Oahu Sugar Company
(36” Gauge)   

Set in 1942, my Oahu Sugar Company (36” Gauge), is a work in progress. I chose the WWII era as most published photographs were taken by servicemen/railfans stationed in Hawaii during this period; and the WWII era permits us to model photogenic scenes of bombs stored in sugar cane fields (documented in era photographs). I model Waipahu, Oahu and surrounding areas in summer with clear skies. Layout Design Elements include water tank; sugar mill; and bombs storage in a sugar cane field behind a gate. While utilized only in resting poses, the number of figures and vehicles will be minimized since even stationary poses require excessive suspension of disbelief.

My Fn3 Scale (1:20.3) narrow gauge (45mm) sugar cane plantation uses Llagas Creek Railways code 215 track (scales to 65 pounds/yard) without ballast as verified by prototype photographs. A heavily reworked  Bachmann Porter has been weathered and lettered for the prototype Waikane Number 9. Scratch built rolling stock are under construction. The first section of the wall shelf layout consists of fascia, valance, and wings. Lighting is concealed behind valance. Wings conceal curved styrene backdrops painted with low horizons and minimal scenery; each backdrop has two (2) artfully disguised penetrations allowing train to move from one scene to another.

Photos of Nick's Railroad by Tom Broderick and Glenn Downing