Martin Brechbiel's
Cumberland Valley Railroad

The Cumberland Valley RR is O scale running earlier steam (1900-1920) with scratch built wooden cars running over hand laid code 125 track and switches in 2 rail O scale.  The design is intended to provide a feel of the CVRR spur that ran up into Richmond Furnace that came off the mainline between Chambersburg and Greencastle, Pennsylvania.  The layout room is small at 11' x 13' and will only accommodate 4-5 people at a time.  Martin's scenery is an ongoing and sporadic exercise in hydrocal, sawdust and scenery foams that continue to be pursued but track does run into and around Luther's Perfect Pickles.

Martin's latest eforts include earning the  Achievement Program's Structures certificate.  Most if not all of his structures are placed strategically on his layout.  Besides Luther's Perfect Pickles, Klugston's Store, and the US Post Office,  a few other recognizable structures are located there as well.

The lower level is actually code 148/3 rail O gauge which was not in operation so that the duck under could be removed for visitor convenience.  The railroad basically represents a small stretch of the Cumberland Valley RR that lived on a branch line running from Marion up through Lemasters into Metal.  The track plan is fundamentally a loop with numerous sidings; some installed and others still under construction.  The majority of mainline track, yard, and switches are complete while sidings, scenery, buildings, and other details endlessly remain to be completed.  When we get tired of steam we will bring out the CG&C trolleys.

The workshop as also opened for the inquisitive cobbler to nose around in.  I always find it interesting looking at a workshop.  One gets the up and close look into the host's mind with the "what" that the host likes to have around and use, sometimes the "how" is explained, and then there's the "why" our host enjoys doing his hobby the way he does.  Martin is a master Creator in the O scale world.  I look forward to his next models, whether they're cars or more structures from his creative soul on the Cumberland Valley Railroad.
Mark Andersen

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