John Teichmoeller's
B&O Patapsco Valley and Principio Steel
September 17, 2006

Built by Lance Mindheim in 1984, the B&O Patapsco Valley and Principio Steel is a 20' x 24' L shaped duck under layout reflecting B&O operation in what is imagined as a heavily industrialized 7 mile stretch of the Patapsco valley in 1967. Featuring EasyDCC with three radio controlled throttles currently, the layout, while not yet sceniced, has a staging area of three 120 car capacity tracks to emerge and work over 120' of single track main- line. Only about half the industrial trackage is in place. The core of operations orientation is centered around a large steel mill owned by Principio Industries. Currently, rolling stock consists of mostly steel mill rolling stock to service the mill and long strings of coal trains to feed it. Opposing movements and meets with much industrial switching operations require operators to be extremely focused on the tasks at hand.

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