John King
B&O Shenandoah Subdivision
John King's HO Scale B&O Shenandoah Subdivision represents the B&O branch that runs from Harpers Ferry to Strasburg Virginia as it was in October, 1949. The B&O trackage is complete (for now) but there are some vague plans for future expansion on the drawing board.  The railroad is designed to replicate prototypical operation with the emphasis on serving the apple and limestone industries that predominated in the northern part of the Shenandoah Valley. The emphasis, so far, has been on developing foolproof trackwork based on the prototype and accumulating appropriate equipment. Sidings and switching areas are laid out to exactly follow the protyotype trackage. John uses a unique linkage for his turnouts, which consists of Caboose Industries turnout throws mounted on the front of the fascia, and linked to the turnouts in such a way that by flipping the turnout throw lever, you not only move the turnout points, but also turn a trackside target indicating which way the turnout is thrown, consistent with the prototype. Structures are currently represented by mockups.  Scenery and real structures are the next step. Towns on the railroad include Millville, Charles Town, Winchester, Stephens City and Strasburg.
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