John Huntzinger's
Woodbridge, Occoquan & Western Rwy
November 17, 2007

     Up in the northern part of Penn. that borders on Lake Erie is the town of Albion, Pa. the railroad yard there provided the inspiration for the yard on John's freelance HO railroad the Woodbridge, Occoquan & Western Rwy.

     I feel that the WO&W is an extremely good example of a home layout that many of our members could aspire to. The overall size of the layout 8.5' x 17' fits nicely in the space, bench work is l-girder and extremely stable, track is laid on a raised road bed and either ballasted or painted, DCC control is used making wiring and train movement simpler, structures are in place and awaiting future detailing and there are multiple locations to support freight movements.

     Work on the layout is progressing smoothly with almost all the track in place, many structures are built and positioned, and John is working on an operational scheme.  Check out the Coca-Cola syrup factory I thought it was really unique.

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