John Drye's 
Buffalo and Erie
February 12, 2006

What a weekend! The Ntrak guys were having a big get together in Chantily.  JD's layout was on the open house list for that event, as well as, for the Potomac Division.  Looked like a big crowd would come by to see the Buffalo and Erie.  All was ready Friday night.  Saturday a few NTrakers found the place, but mother nature had other ideas for the weekend.  It started to snow and boy did it snow.  Lights went out all over the area and 14" of the white stuff later it was Sunday and time for the layout tour.  Only one fearless visitor and John Griffith showed up. 

John has done a great job on the Buffalo and Erie.  The trains ran without a hitch.  John still has a way to go but the backdrop is complete, the hills are in place, and trees are coming along nicely.  You can get an idea of how well everything is coming together in the accompanying photos.

The layout takes up the basement with lots of staging in the furnace/laundry room.  DCC is used for control.  JD has scratch built or kitbashed the structures needed to represent the prototype.  John plans to reschedule a layout tour for the summer (no snow to worry about).  So if you didn't make it this time look for the Buffalo and Erie on our schedule again soon.

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