John Glaab’s C&O Peach Creek Division
Brian W. Sheron, MMR

The C&O Peach Creek Division is an HO scale railroad loosely based on the prototype between Hinton and Prince, WV.  The railroad occupies a 20' by 29' basement and the trackplan is constructed as a loop to loop configuration with hidden staging at either end. All track is handlaid and all turnouts scratchbuilt in place. Benchwork is L-Girder with spline subroadbed and Homosote roadbed.  The mainline is approximately 250' long.  Control is via MRC DCC wireless.
The railroad is about 70% scenicked and is based upon the mountains and valleys of WV.  Coal is the reason for the railroad and will eventually incorporate five mines.  One is near complete, one is under construction and the other three are in the planning stages. Loads and empties can go in either direction, to the lakes or to the Bay.
The period is pre-1950.  Passenger equipment is still solid green and the freight cars are painted in the pre-"For Progress" scheme.  Motive power is steam.
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