Jim Hellwege's
Canadian Roads
August 15, 2004

The layout is N-scale, fully-scenicked, with an emphasis on northeastern Canadian railroads (Bangor & Aroostook, Boston & Maine, Canadian National, and Canadian Pacific). The layout is U-shaped, and includes 3 independent loops for continuous running of multiple trains at different elevations, with each loop being approximately 35 feet in length.

Jim says he has been working on the layout for about 14 years, but says that most of the work was done in the first five.  This is a pretty complete model railroad if there is such a thing.  The scenery is done, the structures are in place, and the track work is superb.  Jim has three independent loops that allow operation of multiple trains at different elevations.

CanadianRoads_1.JPG CanadianRoads_2.JPG
CanadianRoads_3.JPG Jim_Hellwege.JPG

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