Jim McTigue's
Boston and Maine Railroad

The Boston and Maine has travelled around the world courtesy of a custom made moving crate built to house the Boston and Maine Railroad of Jim McTigue.  A neatly designed 30" by 96" layout, Jim's N-scale empire interchanges with the New York Central and the New Haven.  Engine servicing facilities and several industries help provide our owner with endless operations.  Although the scenery, to quote Jim, has had its share of knocks, his keen interest and efforts has kept his 30 year old layout in great shape.

Recently, serious negotiations with the in-house CFO have resulted in an opportunity to expand the layout.  Plans include converting to DCC and running the length of the room, approximately 14 to 16 feet.  Planning is in the works and deconstruction and construction will soon occur. We look forward to his progress and "Thank" Jim for the opportunity to visit his first layout.
Mark Andersen


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