Howard Zane’s HO Piermont Division

The Piermont Division is in a 2800+ sq.ft. basement. Main line is over 1400 feet traversing what I call a blended double deck design or double deck without the overhanging shelf. Scenery is 95% complete influenced by Western Maryland and set in early 50’s. Power is NCE and all locos…steam and diesel are sounded with lights. Most scenery is “glueshell” with mountains extending to ceiling in many areas. Much of the scenery is negative (descending below track level). Most rolling stock is either scratch-built or fashioned from wood kits. Structures are mostly scratch built as are bridges and viaducts. Minimum radii is 36” and track is code 83. Turnouts are 8 and 10. The Piermont Division leases or purchases equipment from railroads throughout North America…thus allowing me to play with any toy I like, and it is believable. However, most locos are either WM, C&O, B&O, PRR, NYC and N&W. The layout room in many areas have 5’ aisles allowing comfort for visitors. Minimum height is 54”. The layout has fully operational signals that were custom designed, built, and installed by Sam Talbot.
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