Harford Modular Group
    The Model Railroad Open House was held at Harford Community College on Saturday, 8 September 2007. This is an HO scale modular layout. It comes from the "Harford Modular Group", which is the alumni of the college's "Model Railroading: Modular Construction" courses taught since 2002. About 50 modules were woven into a hexagonal space. They actually let visitors "operate" the alumni's trains with Digitrax throttles. The Open House is also for attendees to learn more about model railroading, especially the upcoming Harford Community College courses.

     Visit  http://www.harford.edu/schedule/noncr_coursemenu.asp?FA= and type "railroad" in either the course description or course title block, for details.  One learning pointfrom these pictures is that the wall lights should have been turned off for picture taking. Those lights caused under exposure of the subject modules. The pictures shown were cropped and electronically brightened.

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