Glenn Paulson’s Conrail Allegheny Division, Waldorf, MD

January 13th, 2018>

Pictures by Marshall Abrams

Glenn Paulson's Conrail Allegheny Division, Waldorf MD
Ed Rosado

Potomac Division members were treated to a new year's layout to visit in January 2018.  On a sunny very cold Saturday two of our members opened up their layouts in Waldorf, MD. The Piedmont Southern by Dale Latham and Glenn Paulson's Conrail Allegheny Division. This is our second visit to Glenn's layout which is about 40% complete in a huge space with around fifteen modelers visiting and admiring his creation.

Glenn's layout is part of the Chesapeake TrainMasters operating group.  He has dedicated his entire 1500 sq ft basement to the layout with lots of room to maneuver, creating a double deck HO scale point to point layout with double mainline. Trains run East to West and back with East bound trains departing the Conway yard and the Pitcairn intermodal facility and West bound trains departing the Enola Yard or from the Harris Yard.  Operating the railroad requires coordination to negotiate the wall running through the middle of the room with trains passing through tunnels, therefore losing sight from the dispatchers office.  Helpers are utilized to enable trains to negotiate the height elevations scenicked with mountain views.  Decks are 18" apart.

Although scenicking is only about less than half done, the layout looks ready to go with work ready to be done and is just fine for operators. It just proves that a layout doesn't need to be fully scenicked and "done" to be operational or for many to simply enjoy the views and future plans. 

The layout must be fun to operate with almost fifty industries serviced by Conrail.  An important operational aspect is the run to the Karra Steel branch line which in turn services various steel mill related industries plus rolling mills and related businesses.  Many industrial buildings are complete and open for business!  Trains meander through tunnels, over river beds with impressive bridges, local countryside scenes and mountain views.  Some finished, others still under construction.

The visit to Glen's Conrail Allegheny Division RR was an experience we wish to repeat and view its progress in the future.