Ed Stone's
O'Ryan & Webb Rwy
June 22, 2008

A western United States railway hauling freight, minerals and lumber during the late 1800s, Ed Stone has captured the narrow gauge look using On30 equipment.  Located in their former family room, is a multi tiered railroad that climbs several steep grades in narrow gauge style.  Sharing in today's operations was Ed's son Randy.  He was driving a Climax locomotive hauling logs and bogies down a steep mountain grade from the highest level.  Meanwhile, Ed piloted a Mason style early 4-4-0 locomotive pulling a loan passenger car chugging along while making its run.

Combining the locations of an arid mountainous climate, our host included California and Oregon logging themes and Colorado mining in the operations of the O & W.  Happy Camp provides the miners and loggers the opportunities for rest, relaxation, and living it up at the saloon.  Sounds emulating from the saloon were quieted by the sounds of steam locomotives coursing their ways through town, up and down grades.  Sitting peacefully, was a large stamp mill, temporarily idled by the lack of ore. While Ed's layout is in its infancy regarding scenery, the towns and industries are well represented around the layout.

Suspending the track supports from the walls, the O & W takes on a light and less complicated look compared to that of a heavier L girder constructed layout.  Although yards are built framed in the L girder or module box style, the homemade wall brackets stand out as further examples of Ed's cabinetmaking skills.  Designed to be disassembled, one would never know.  Several of the electronically controlled yards and switching areas, had their control panels located in sliding drawers.  This facilitates out of sight out of mind neatness in look and function for controlling switches.  Many switches are of Peco design, making hand switching mistake free.  The trackwork was flawless in operation.


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