Doug Kirkpatrick's
Virginia & Western RR
March 13, 2005

Doug's V&W railroad is a freelanced steam era railroad hauling people and cargo from the tidewater west over the Appalachian Mountains just after WW II.  The HO-scale railroad follows the Norfolk & Western prototype with over 25 operating steam engines.  The railroad has just recently purchased several RS3 to add to the power roster.  The layout room is 37’ x 26’ with the layout occupying 550 square feet of it.  All of the handlaid track is completed with over 40,000 ties and 80 turnouts. Scenery is approximately 70% complete including some 5000 trees.  Doug said that he is glad we are now out of the forest and can focus on the urban areas.  He is forecasting about three more years to complete the remaining scenery.  The mountain railroad features many bridges and trestles which are scratch built.  All of the buildings are either scratch built or craftsman kits and highly detailed.  There are many mirrors incorporated through out the layout.  Approximately half of the 51 position signals have been installed.  The layout has been recently converted to Digital Command Control Digitrax throttles.

Some 68 Division members attended the open house during the afternoon enjoying the railroad as well as the special cookies in the form of position signals.  Everyone was highly impressed with the amount of details incorporated in each scene and how the mirrors were used to extend the layout.  We all are looking forward to seeing the completed urban areas.

Virginia-Western_06.JPG Virginia-Western_07.JPG Virginia-Western_10.JPG
Virginia-Western_14.JPG Virginia-Western_24.JPG Virginia-Western_64.JPG

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