David Renard
Sylvania Central Railroad
Dave Renard (NMRA MMR #35) built the fully scenicked Sylvania Central Railroad (HO scale) to depict the Central Division of an eastern bridge road hauling mixed freight and passenger trains in the mid 1960’s.  The line’s other divisions to the north and south are represented by hidden return storage loops stacked at one end of the system.
Sylvania is the main city and division point for the line, and through trains set out and pick up blocks of cars at the Division Yard.  Local trains originate here to serve industries along this portion of the mainline and on a branchline to Monequine where there is a port area and an interchange with another major carrier.  The double track mainline climbs from Sylvania, around a horseshoe curve to reach Alta Station and beyond to the northern division.  A narrow gauge, steam-powered museum train carries rail fans over a parallel portion of this route.
First and second generation diesels handle locomotive assignments with steam relegated to fan trips, the museum, and static display.  Rolling stock consists of many scratch built cars and others modified from kits.  Structures are mostly scratch built and some kit-bashed.  The addition of DCC several years ago has simplified the train order operation. 
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