Brian W. Sheron's
Long Island Railroad (LIRR)
Port Jefferson Branch

September 26, 2004

You're just getting to your seat on the 5:11 pm. local to Port Jefferson. It's about to depart from Jamaica Queens, N.Y. Long Island Railroad Station. Your Fairbanks Morse diesel engine motored train is powering up waiting for the all clear from the head conductor. As your Fairbanks Morse brings life and movement to your train, you are propelled into that daily return trip home. Brian Sherron has caught the nostalgic eye from his child/adulthood that he and many other ex-Long Islander's experienced.

Brian has modeled the 1964 World's Fair era incorporating his former home in Huntington, New York on the Port Jefferson Branch of Long Island Rail Road from Jamaica Queens to Port Jefferson on the north shore of Long Island New York. Brian's models expertly recreate the LIRR commuter consists of diesel powered, nonelectrified trains. Many brass and custom painted plastic models have been built to recreate the LIRR's look. Working within the confines of his shop area, numerous tools, materials, air brush and paints have been used to build the scenery of inner city building, wall hiding flats and structures he has used to achieve that look of realism.

The right of way his railroad achieves the warehouse backs to countrified scenery of trees, homes, farms and quaint towns. Port Jefferson that quaint little town on the Long Island sound, has numerous details bringing it to life. In 1996, Brian's layout graced the pages of Rail Model Journal. His article pictured the fine work and the story of the Port Jeff line, some worthwhile reading.



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