Bob Cook's
Port Road Railroad
July 25, 2004

Bob's railroad is inspired by the Pennsy's Port Road. At 45’ x 15’ it’ s a good sized undertaking that allows single track point to point or continuous running. The era is the steam to diesel transition, heavy on the steam. Bob says the scenery is still a work in progress, but what is done is easily recognized as South Eastern Pennsylvania. The layout is wired for five conventional cabs. Recently Bob converted one of the cabs to DCC.

The Port Road Railroad is a good sized layout which is set in South Eastern Pennsylvania. The track plan allows for single track point to point or continuous running. Bob likes to model the transition era, steam to diesel, with emphasis on steam. Scenery is well on it's way with some very nice scenes depicted. The scenery that is complete is easily recognized as that part of Pennsylvania.

Some fifty plus Division members stopped by during the afternoon and all had very favorable comments. Although I was manning the welcome table' along with Nick, I did manage to go downstairs in time to see some of what seemed to be serious operations going on. I knew I was heading in the right direction when I heard the Broadway Limited GG-1 signaling a grade crossing!




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