Bob Conley's
Pennsylvania Railroad
January 9, 2005

This HO scale of the Pennsylvania Railroad depicts a small town in Pennsylvania on the Middle Divisionof the Pennsylvania Railroad in early 1940. The layout is 4 x 8 with two mainlines, six sidings with lots of switching activity, and detailed, completed scenery and structures. The layout theme was "look what can be done with a 4x8." The train room has a "Railroad Bar" , with displays of brass, steam, diesel and electric motive power many with sound.

Although not a massive pike, Bob has done a superb job of combining a small town, industry and the feel of some open territory onto this layout. Unlike many of our layouts, this one is complete with many details.  There are two mainline loops with six sidings.  The sidings are logically placed and service the many industries.  The buildings are removable so that when Bob completes a new structure, he can remove one of the older ones and replace it with the new one.  In this way, he can keep his layout fresh and interesting. 

Bob has an extensive collection of locomotives and rolling stock that he has acquired over the past 40 years, much of it on display, including over 200 passenger and freight cars and 60 engines. His recent additions include several locomotives from Broadway Limited that are equipped with sound.  This is a very nice feature that adds a lot

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