Bob Rosenberg's
Berkshire Air Line
August 13, 2006

The Berkshire Air Line is a double deck layout set in Massachusetts.  The layout has been in the making for 30 years and Bob says it's not yet finished.  Since our last visit control of the layout has been converted to DCC.  Bob has also added sound to several of his engines for added realism.  The trains ran perfectly all afternoon and when people got tired of watching the trains down stairs there were train videos running upstairs.

Bob says he not much for operations.  His enjoyment comes from watching the trains go by.  He has successfully captured the New England country side with his structures and scenery.  The layout reflects the Rosenberg's sense of humor in several scenes.  There is the Star Wars Service Station, Darth Vader proprietor, the Jurassic Park, Santa going down the power house chimney, or look for the giant octopus under the bridge. 

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