Bob Burroughs

Second Division of the Cumberland, Shenandoah and Piedmont Railroad
July 29, 2007

Over 35 people of all ages, 19 of them PD members, filed into Jan and  Bob Burroughs' open house on Sunday, July 29th to view Bob's ongoing restoration effort of the late Ken Wiman's Southport Terminal Railroad, now the Second Division of the Cumberland, Shenandoah and Piedmont Railroad.  Revived and running, the 13x17 foot layout is being updated to DCC and sound by Bob.  Continuous running was the order of the day, with several young engineers at the throttle of many of the trains.

   The main two terminal points are Southport and North Fork (really!)  A wye allows for continuous loop running, but the layout has many destination points, several of which provide for train to ship transfers, (including a freight car ferry) as well as through train and local passenger service.

   There are two operational highlights.  A coal mine actually loads hoppers with pre-determined quantities by dialing the number of "tons" per car on an old fashioned rotary telephone dial.  The mechanism for the mine has been restored and Bob has it operational at this time.  In the future, Bob hopes to restore to operational status an ore unloader that features rotating an entire hopper car to dump its' load into a waiting ore ship, triggered when a loaded hopper rolls down an incline into the dumper much like a hump yard, is clamped, then elevated and rotated, righted, lowered then expelled to a gravity switchback track to return to an empties track.

    Bob bought the railroad from Ken's estate several years ago and his restoration efforts are ongoing, with the replacement of many what were then state-of-the-art electronics especially, as well as cleaning and repairs on much of the layout. Bob also has a small 4x8 switching layout that crews can "warm up" on before taking out a run on the Second Division.

The pictures show the rewired turnout control panel (DCC has eliminated the block control system), the  working coal mine, the Southport harbor area, a view (upper left) of the 7 actual foot cantilever bridge across the center of the layout, the ore hopper unloader, and Layout Tour Coordinator Tom Brodrick presenting Bob with his Certificate of Appreciation.

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