Bill Day's
Day and Dean Railroad (HO)
June 27, 2004

The HO Day & Dean Railroad (D & D) and the HOn3 Allisonville Short Line (Allie RR) rest on a compact 8 X 9 foot shelf layout around the room. An unusual proscenium arch guides the point of view, presenting the feeling of a stage drama. The layout, freelanced and fully-scenicked, depicts an Eastern railroad in the 1940s, featuring fine scale animation (a coal mine, 2 bascule bridges, coal tipple, engine house doors, ore bin, 2 coal elevators, water tank, water plug, roll-up door, delivery truck and dump truck, all operate). Animation, in many cases, also includes sound or light. All turnouts are accompanied by signals. Superdetailing includes fish plates on hand-laid rails. Most structures are scratch built. Counting shuttles, 11 locomotives move on the layout, 9 equipped with soundtraxx. Control is by North Coast Engineering DCC and Model Rectifier Corporation DC.

Bill Day

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