Bill Day's
 Day and Dean Railroad
February 24, 2008

Describing many railroads, one generally describes the scenes as quaint, statically active and quiet.  Quite the opposite is true this railroad.  Giving up a pantry or mudroom off the kitchen, Bill's wife Carla kept the railroad as part of her home.  Kept in the light of family and friends, the Day and Dean grew within the confines of this 8' by 9' space.  Gaining access to his empire through a carpet covered duck under, the railroad's script can come to life under the controls of our engineer.

Depicting the 1940s, steam power is prevalent, but diesels are making inroads in the Day and Dean railroad.  The story starts in the early morning with choreographed sounds, spinning fans and blinking lights.  We start our day as coal is loaded from aerial cable lifts from the Lucky Lou mine onto waiting trucks.  A loan truck "tips" its load into waiting narrow gauge coal hopper.  Our Hon3 locomotive steams its way to the Fulton County Coal Company tipple.  The coal does actually "dumps" its load and a waiting D & D coal train is loaded with its precious cargo.  As the D & D train steams near town, the train is broken down and the various freight cars are distributed to their receiving industries.  Our coal hopper is delivered to its coal yard and "dumped."

There are 41 different movements of sound, blinking light and actual operations, such as the dumping of coal from a truck, to a hopper, to a tipple, to a standard hopper and finally resting and being dumped through the coal yard's coal trestle.  Mr. Day has painstakingly designed his "animated layout" giving it life……  Successfully presenting animation clinics at our Mini-Conventions here in the Washington area has grown to presenting at three National NMRA conventions.  He has successfully modeled a steel mill with loading scrap metal hoppers being pulled up to charge the furnace; previously modeling a working coal tower for charging coal into locomotive tenders and an operating Bascule lift bridge.  Nationally, regionally and locally Bill has received numerous awards of merit and has been published in numerous magazines on animation.

Dean&Day 1
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Dean&Day 2
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Dean&Day 3
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Dean&Day 4
Dean&Day 4.JPG

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