Ben Hom's
A Day at the Carshops / Railroading on the Waterfront
October 9, 2005


A Day at the Carshops

 Have you ever wondered about the makeup of your rolling stock fleet for your model railroad? Or how to make your older models look better next to your Kadee freight cars? Do you have problem rolling stock that just won't run well on your layout? Ben showed the answers to these questions and more.

Railroading on the Waterfront

Planning is in progress for a New York City-themed waterfront switching layout, with benchwork and track to be finished by October. This layout will feature rail to water operations and will show you the layout possibilities of these operations, especially in a small space such as an apartment.

Model Railroading in an Apartment

 This is the first time the Potomac Division has had an open house in an apartment in at least several years (maybe ever). In some ways this was no different than counterpart events held in private homes. Visitors enjoyed sodas, snacks, model railroad videotapes playing on Ben's television, and lively conversation. We were treated to seeing Ben's beautifully detailed and weathered rolling stock collection. At least one visitor took Ben up on his offer to tune-up some HO scale freight cars the visitor brought along. Beyond the hospitality and the satisfied guests Ben helped us make two vital points: 1. this hobby can be enjoyed in a high quality way even in an apartment (dispelling the myth that the hobby requires a basement or at minimum, a single family home); 2. Layout tours can be hosted in an apartment.

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