Alan Anderson
Kristenville & Michelleville Railroad
 Alan Anderson’s Kristenville & Michelleville Railroad (HO scale) started in early 1977 with some elements of a prior layout.  Designed as a freelanced, 1920’s era steam powered railroad, it serves the limestone quarries and Al’s Brewery, each located on the outskirts of Kristenville.  The Board of Directors recognized the potential for some logging business and extended the line into the mountains.  The Kristenville Yard was expanded to its present capabilities.  Alantown boomed with the expanded yard and the K-M Sawmill Co. and the K-M Lumbering Co.  The small Michelleville Railroad near Passwater Interchange was struggling financially and became incorporated into the KMRR.
The layout is fully scenicked and operates with a unique radio-controlled, DC block system.
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