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Our first stop, at the Strasburg Rail-Road was a private tour of the engine, woodworking, painting and general repair shops. While guided, this was a go where you want, ask any kind of questions you choose and be careful touching anything tour. Where in these present litigious times can one enjoy a tour such as this?  The driver pair in the picture is from none other than the Union Pacific Challenger 3985 from Wyoming.  Union Pacific has sent 3 driver sets to machined and re-tired for continued use by the U.P.  The image you see is one such set already machined to within several thousandths of an inch of each other.  Notice the wheel lathe pictured behind the driver to the left. 
The Strasburg Shops contribute their services to many live steam operations going on throughout the United States.  This is not limited to trains, but also includes steam powered boats, tractors, stationary machinery and steam plants.  We toured the paint and woodworking shops as well. After the forty-five minute tour, we boarded the train for our excursion.

We walked off lunch at the Pennsylvania RR Museum across the street.  There, you found an array of equipment in various states of condition.  Including those were engines, both diesel and large steam engines, but the passenger equipment many of us rode in younger times too!  The Conrail "Big Hook and MoW flat cars were also being queried and photographed.
Pictures from the excursion follow. Click on picture to select album.
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