Ken Nesper's
Potomac & Patuxent Railroad
November 7, 2004

The Potomac and Patuxent Railroad (P&P) is a modestly successful urban railroad serving a diverse industrial base in southeast Washington, DC. Steam operations are set in May 1947, and diesel operations are set in May 1957. The railroad is intended to be operated "at night" with blue lights overhead, a multitude of layout light sources, and darkened aisles. Scenery and lighting is approximately 20% completed at this time.

The P&P RR operates between the 1947 and 1957 era of either steam or later with diesel switching. The layout is designed to invoke a nighttime atmosphere and present the operators the same difficulties that nighttime switching presents.  When normal lighting is shut off, strings of blue “Christmas” lights and a single blue light illuminates the roughly 20’ by 16’ room.

The code 125 and 100 hand laid rail in O-scale depicts the realism of lighter weight rail. The sidings and secondary track allow realistic operations to be performed. Ken's placement of hand laid switches does create some interesting switching moves. Generous use of Kadee type uncoupling magnets does make uncoupling easy, although the barbeque skewer is available. The P&P RR switchers include an Alco RS-3, EMD SW-9, and EMD GP-9. All equipment and rolling stock has been carefully assembled and tuned for fluid operation.

An assortment of kit-bashed structures in various stages of weathering, help add the feel to run down and dirty industrial sites. From the two yards and marine terminal to the numerous sidings with industries, any guest operator will have their operating skills challenged.

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