Glenn Paulson's
Conrail - Allegheny Division
July 24, 2005

Glen has been working on the layout for the past three years.  In that time he has accomplished much.  The bench work is finished, the double track main is laid, the Digitrax DCC wiring is complete, and scenery and backdrops are in the making.

Each track  is equipped with sound that really sets the atmosphere. The track work attests to Glenn's attention to detail.  His structures and scenery are great and provide a wonderful stage for the running of trains.  While there, Bill Roman was able to determine that all requirements for a Golden Spike had been met.  Now Glen will be working on Achievement Program awards.

Glen and his family are moving to their new home approximately 5 miles down the road.  The layout will move as well and expansion planning is already in high gear.


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