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Do you need some help or advice about some aspect of your model railroading hobby?

The Potomac Division is full of members that have expertise in just about every facet of model railroading and they are more than willing to help you. The trick is to figure out how to connect you with the right person that can help. It would also be great if the person lived close by so it would be easy for you to possibly meet with them to work on your problem or questions. In order to try and link you up with the right person who has the expertise to answer your questions and provide you with expert advice, the Potomac Division has created Helper Service.
While not everyone is a Master Model Railroader, many of our members have earned one or more achievement certificates, which means they have demonstrated a significant level of expertise in specific modeling areas. In addition, many of our members have specialized expertise in specific areas.

When you want Helper Service, simply e-mail us your question or otherwise describe the area in which you need help, and we will try to match you up with one or more members that live in your area and who have the expertise you seek.

If you can provide specific questions about the problem you are having that will help us better find the right expert to help you. Also, if you have questions about how to interpret Achievement Program requirements, we can provide you with the correct interpretation, and can get interpretations from the Region or National if necessary.

Our normal method of looking for expertise in the Division is to send out an e-mail to the membership explaining the specific need for assistance. We can include your name, the town or city where you live (but not your specific address), and contact information (phone number, e-mail address) so anyone with the right expertise that is willing to help you can contact you directly. If you do not wish to provide your name or contact information, we will ask that anyone interested in helping contact the Division and we will put you in touch with any respondents.

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