Potomac Division Board of Directors Meeting

April 7, 2013



            The board met at 12:30 PM at Bill Day’s home with Marshall Abrams, Brian Sheron, Mike White, Andrew Dodge, Roger Sekera, and Bill Day attending from Potomac Division with Tom Casey of the Chesapeake Division on the phone.



            The first item of business was to welcome Roger Sekera as the new editor of the Flyer.  Roger presented some of his ideas for future articles on various members, updates on activities and layout progress in the division, and a publishing calendar for the Flyer.


            The board next reviewed the status of the C&P Convention in Rockville, October 10-13, 2013. 

·       Andrew gave a review of the module layout program, which included Bantrak, MAARS, and three O scale groups agreeing to attend.  Final commitments must be made by the end of May in order for each group to retain its allotted space.

·       Marty reported that he will begin putting together a schedule for the confirmed clinics.

·       Brian is working on a layout tour schedule with most slots filled for Thursday evening but Sunday is still open. 

·       All the model operation groups’ still have slots open except Brian’s session. 

·       Bill reported that he is still working on and looking for volunteers for registration, the White Elephant Room, etc. 

·       The prototype program with the MTA is unsettled and is in the “Maybe” category. 

·       The B&O Museum will be offering a program of firing-up some of its 19th century steam engines and special membership rates for NMRA members.  It was also mentioned that C&A Live Steamers will have an open house on Sunday from 9-3 or 4. 

·       The question of Door Prizes is the focus of several questions as to who is responsible for prizes (LCC or Cat) and who might head the program.  Several names of those who might serve were mentioned.  The board approved a motion to contact MER if our efforts did not produce results and inform the regional officials that the PD would not have a Door Prize program.


Action items relating to the C&P Convention:

· Marshall was to send Andrew contact information for PMC and NVNTRAK.

· Andrew will extend invitations to PMC & NVNTRAK to participate in the C&P Junction convention if there is space available. (BANTRAK, MAARS, Mad Modules, James River Module Group, and Bernie Kempinski’ Civil War Module have agreed to attend but not finalized their commitment as of April 7.)

· Marshall was to send the MER convention handbook to Bill Day.

· Bill had an action item to be volunteers coordinator.

· Brian was to finalize the schedule of layout tour areas. This is necessary so that clinicians who are also hosting layout tours will know when these tours will occur

· Marty will schedule the clinics after Brian has finalized the schedule of layout tour areas.

· Mention of Steve King's book was to be added to the clinic information.  Bill Mosteller (Webmaster) would have the action to update the clinic description.

· Marshall was to add Roger to the C&P crew group on Yahoo.

· Roger was to ask John Glaab if he would solicit merchandise for the raffle. If John did not accept, Marshall was authorized to inform MER officers that the LCC had made a good faith effort but failed to find someone to solicit merchandise and that the LCC believed conduct of the raffle and soliciting merchandise was a CAT responsibility. Marshall was to contact prior MER convention chairs to determine their experience with soliciting merchandise and conducting the raffle.

· Marshall was to send email announcements of the White Flag Extra on May 4, both an initial announcement and a reminder.

· Marshall was to create a Doodle to schedule the next meeting.

· Marshall was to appoint a nominating committee.

· Marshall was to send an email to PMC explaining the decision to recommend a Bylaw amendment elimination the liaison position.

· Arthur was to continue negotiations with the B&O Museum. I believe that we decided on preferred outcomes, but don't have notes on what they were. I think that the decision also included changes to the web page and informing somebody in NMRA about the 50% discount.



Following a short report or update by each officer (see board member’s reports), the board elected the slate of officers for each position on the board.  The board membership and positions remained unchanged. 


The final piece of major business was a review of the By-laws.


A motion was made and approved to recommend to the membership amending Article XIII, 8. of the bylaws to increase the maximum time between Election Meeting from 18 to 20 months. This is a technical correction recognizing the time between a Minicon and an MER convention hosted by PD.


The next board meeting will be at Marshall’s home at a date to be determined.








By-laws Addendum:


Moved: To modify the Potomac Division, NMRA By-laws by:


1. Strike Article XI, Section b(3) specifically: 

#b. “Officials who are non voting members of the Division Board,”

#3 “Liaisons with the Potomac Division HO Module Crew and Northern Virginia

       NTRAK” from the By Laws.


2. Further Moved: 

To modify Article XI, Section b (4) to become Article XI section b(3) Layout Tour Coordinator and Modify Article XI, Section b (5) to become: Article XI b(4) Database Administrator"




PD Board’s Position: 

The Board takes the position that every organization within the Potomac Division should have equal status, position, and access to the Board in an effort to provide equality of service to all.

Although the Potomac Division supports efforts to publicize the model railroading hobby, there should be no official or specific relationship between PMC, NVNTRAK, or any other group or club within the Division BOD that requires a non-voting Liaison.



Respectfully Submitted,


Andrew Dodge      April 7, 2013

Accepted as amended, June 29, 2013



Board Member’s Reports

Paymaster:  Mike reported:

Assets of $3,877.34 at the beginning of the period. 


B Sheron:  $3.05

B Day:  $24.52

Checks not posted:

B Day $4

B Day $24.52

Balance to date is $3,878.29.


Layout Tours:  Brian reported:  

April - Brian Sheron

May - John King

June - Jim Stapleton

July - no open houses

August - no open houses

September - Tom Brodrick

October – C&P Convention

November - Jim Brewer

December - Nick Kalis

January (2014) - Larry Nyce


White Flag Extras:  Bill reported:

An Extra in the form of a seminar was held at Bill Day’s house in January with six modelers attending. Theme: Easy Animation. The afternoon included a power point presentation, a demonstration of animated features on Bill’s layout, and a view of successful and less-than-successful animated structures.

The next Extra is on Saturday, May 4, at the Dolly Madison Regional Library, McLean, Virginia.  Clinicians Clint Hyde will present a power point and hands-on demonstration of airbrushing and Tom Brodrick will present a power-point presentation on cranes.


White Flag Seminar:  Andrew reported:

No activity.


Clerk:  Andrew reported:

Reviewed By-laws and made recommendations to the board


AP Program:  Brian reported:

Achievement Program: no new activity.