Potomac Division Board Meeting April 15, 2017

The meeting was called to order 12:00 pm at Ed Rosado’s home. Present were Brian Sheron, Superintendent; Marshall Abrams, Senior Assistant Superintendent; Ed Rosado, Assistant Superintendent; Tom Brodrick, Paymaster; and John Paganoni, Committee Chair. Bill White indicated he would not be available for the meeting.

Program Reports:

Layout tours scheduled: Saturday, April 29: Prince William Double Header

Marty McGuirk's Central Vermont Railway Roxbury Subdivision

Prince William Model Railroad Club

May 6: Bryan Kidd's Chesapeake and Ohio Railway - Alleghany Sub-Division , Nokesville, VA

June 24: Tom Brodrick’s Providence and Worcester, Damascus, MD

September 16: Burke, VA Double Header

Rick Wright’s CONUS Lines

John Sethian’s PRR Nassau Division

November, date TBD: McLean Double header

Nick Kalis’s Oahu Sugar Company


January 13, 2018: Waldorf, MD, Double Header

Dale Latham’s Piedmont Southern

Glenn Paulson’s Conrail Allegheny Division

The possible tour near Harrisburg (Hanover) did not work out, but will be mentioned in the Flyer as part of Mainline Hobbies’ Days in September, providing the information is received in time.

Achievement: Brian reported that Bill Lyder was judged for some of the requirements for Civil Engineer.

Paymaster: Tom reported Minicon results, other expenditures, and current balance.

Flyer: Marshall reported that several articles are in hand for the next issue

Webmaster: Bill reported no problems

Op Sessions: Bill reported two new hosts who haven’t yet committed to dates.

2018 MER Convention:

The individual who has web page design experience is not producing any results. Marshall is teaching himself how to program responsive web pages that adjust to the size of the viewer’s screen for the 2018 MER Convention.

There will be an organizational meeting of the Local Convention Committee (LCC) on June 10, 10 am - noon at Brian’s. The Board will invite all potentially interested division members.

Marshall will distribute to the Board the URL for the 2013 MER Convention C&P Junctions co-sponsored by Potomac Division. This will serve as a model and template for the 2018 web pages. Marshall will also distribute the list of LCC positions.

Bob Clegg of the New Jersey Division, who was publisher in 2013 and has also developed software for the Silent Auction, will be invited to participate in these roles for 2018.

Old Business:

Membership survey was revised. Marshall will put it online at the PD web site and have the Board try it out.

New Business:

Nigel Phillips’ suggestion for a contest to take advantage of the NMRA “free freight car shells” offer was discussed and approved in principle. Nigel provided a suggested announcement for the contest to be sent to all PD members. The Board felt that the announcement needed additional clarification and details before it could be issued.

Next Meeting:

June 10, at noon at Brian’s, following LCC meeting 10 am – noon.

Action items:

URL for 2013 MER Convention C&P Junction to be distributed to Board as reference prototype for 2018 pages [Marshall]

Invite all potentially interested division members to an organizational meeting of the Local Convention Committee (LCC) on June 10, 10 am - noon at Brian’s. [The Board]

Distribute to the Board the URL for the 2013 MER Convention C&P Junctions co-sponsored by Potomac Division and the list of LCC positions. [Marshall]

Invite Bob Clegg of the New Jersey Division, to be publisher in 2018. Also determine the availability of his software for the Silent Auction. [Marshall]

Put Member Survey on PD web site [Marshall]

“Freight car shell” contest announcement returned to Nigel with request for additional clarification and detail. [Brian]

Respectfully submitted, Marshall Abrams, Acting Clerk