July 28, 2018


Brian Sheron, Superintendent

Marshall Abrams, Senior Assistant Superintendent

Ernie Little, Assistant Superintendent

Tom Brodrick, Paymaster

Bob Sprague, Clerk

Brian Sheron called the meeting to order at 1:00PM.

1. Committee Reports

Paymaster Report:

Tom Brodrick delivered the annual financial report.

The Division started the year on June 1, 2017 with $3,646.50 and finished the year on May 30, 2018 with $3,081.95

The largest expenses were $397 for room rental for the business meeting, then $180 for the division URL.

Potomac Flyer:

Marshall Abrams reported that the Flyer is doing well, issue to issue in terms of contributions.

There is an Editorial Committee with additional volunteers. For the January issue, Marshall will start parceling out the jobs and rotating so everyone has done everything and he is no longer the single point of failure.

An inventory of 3-4 articles is on hand for the next issue.

Achievement Program:

Mat Thompson was not able to attend this meeting.

John Paganoni has passed his last hurdles and has received seven achievement certificates making him ready for his MMR. The hope is that the plaque will arrive in time for him to be awarded at the convention banquet.


Marshall believes everything is under control.

Hosting company keeps asking if we want to activate a secure page -- https. Since we're not selling anything, Marshall does not believe it is an issue.

Layout Tours

No tour for September. The board does not know what coverage is available for the August tour.


Brian does not have information about whether they are working or not, and is looking for a feedback mechanism on that.

2. Old Business

Status of Convention Planning

In reviewing the morning's Local Convention Committee (LCC) meeting, the Board agreed that it was important to bring preparations for the following to closure:

- The White Elephant Sale

- Clinics, for which 10 slots remain open

- Layout tours, for which confirmations with owners have been difficult.

The decision was confirmed to keep the trolley museum as an optional self-guided activity instead of a formal tour.

2019 Minicon

Tom Brodrick will Chair.

Brian sent an e-mail to the Chesapeake Division indicating our willingness to hold a joint meet.

It was determined that a message would be sent to the Superintendent of the Chesapeake Division asking them for a specific proposal for what they envision. The hope is to get a response by September 1, otherwise we would need to be selecting a venue.

3. New Business

Requests for Participation

There have been no responses to requests for member participation to assist Nick Kalis with layout tours, study an Operations Weekend, and develop a "Model with the Local Masters" workshop.

The Board determined to take a more direct approach by contacting local modelers who have led operations initiatives and/or qualify as masters to see if direct personal appeals might be a way to jump start these programs.

Layout Tour Staffing

So far greeters and photographers/authors have not been scheduled for open houses on the schedule.

One suggestion is to sponsor a contest for best layout writeup of the year, with a prize of a free year's membership.

Another is to group tours so that several are held on the same day once per quarter, rather than monthly. The Board will readdress this at its November Board meeting.

4. Next Meeting

The next Board meeting will be September 22, 2018, combined with the LCC. LCC will be 10:00-12:30, Board meeting will follow after a lunch break, 1:30-4:30 at Marshall Abrams' home.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 PM.



Prepare annual financial report for The Flyer

Tom Brodrick

Due 8/15

Reach out to Marty McGuirk to see if he would like additional help in filling convention clinic slots

Brian Sheron

Due 8/1

Reach out to Bill Demas to offer assistance with layout tour program

Brian Sheron

Due 8/1

Send message to Chesapeake Division Superintendent cc: Dave Arday asking for their proposal about a joint Minicon

Brian Sheron

Due 8/15

Contact Mat Thompson about the Operations Weekend

Bob Sprague

Due 9/1

Contact Bernie Kempinski about Modeling with the Local Masters idea

Bob Sprague

Due 9/1

Discuss "meet the member" features for the Flyer with Alex Belida

Marshall Abrams

Due 9/1