October 3, 2015

Meeting called to order at 12:40 pm at the home of Tom Brodrick. Present were Brian Sheron, Superintendent; Marshall Abrams, Senior Assistant Superintendent; Tom Brodrick, Paymaster; Bill White, Clerk; Ernie Little, Assistant Superintendent; Jesse Cantrill, Ken Wilson.

The minutes from the July 18, 2015 meeting were approved.

Program Reports

Income: $156 (20 tickets) was received for the Walkersville excursion and $15.

for op sessions

Expenses: $450 for Walkersville coach rental, $500 for a donation, $46 for the

guest LIRR conductor, $996 total.

Balance: $4,222.42.

2016 Minicon

The most convenient date acceptable to St. Mathews is April 30, 2016. Tom Brodrick will chair; Marshall Abrams will be responsible for clinics, Registration: Bill Demas, Modulars & Food: Ernie Little (Brian Sheron will check with Phil Scruggs to see if he can continue to help). Brian will check with Jim KinderClint Hyde to ascertain he is willing to continue supervising the White Elephant sale; if not, Ernie Little will do it. Jessie Cantrill and Ken Wilson will be responsible for advertising and marketing.

Old Business

Layout Disposal: Clint Hyde declined did not respond concerning writing to write an article on estate planning and layout disposal. Jessie Cantrill will look into the issue supported by materials collected from other Divisions collected by Marshall Abrams.

Contacts: Jesse Cantrill and Ken Wilson will work on an outreach program initially utilizing Brian Sheron’s dated power point presentation to be updated by Marshall Abrams. The proposed NMRA table at Timonium has been dropped because of a lack of interest by the MER.

New Business

2018 MER Convention: Tom Brodrick checked with Crown Plaza, Rockville, who advised that they could not provide specific pricing for personal and convention rooms at this time. An October date will be set after Ernie Little checks with the owner of the Timonium show to avoid any conflict.

Next Meeting

January 9, 2016, at Marshall Abrams house.

Action Items: