November 12, 2016


Meeting called to order at 12:30 pm at the home of Marshall Abrams. Present were Brian Sheron, Superintendent, Marshall Abrams, Senior Assistant Superintendent, Ed Rosado, Assistant Superintendent, Tom Brodrick, Paymaster, Bill White, Clerk, John Paganoni, Committee Chair.


Program Reports

Layout tours: we have tours set for November 19 (Gary Eames), December 17 (Rick Wright, John Sethian), January 7, 2017 (Dale Latham, Glenn Paulson)

Achievement Program: Ernie Little’s package on scenery is awaiting approval by the National. Ken Nesper has sent in a volunteer package.

Paymaster: since the last meeting:

Deposits (Op Sessions): $15, Expenditures: $10, Balance: $4369.73

An annual financial summary will be prepared at the end of each fiscal year (June

30) to include total income, expenditures, final balance.

Flyer: the cutoff date for the next issue is November 30. A full page format

(one column) was adopted for future issues.

Webmaster: Bill Mosteller reported no problems at this time.

Op Sessions: may be terminated for lack of participation.

2017 Minicon

March 4 at St. Mathews Church. Ed will do publicity; Tom will arrange modular participation and check on a back-up date. John will do the contest room. Brian will look for a luncheon speaker. Tom will work on obtaining clinicians. Marshall will prepare a Flyer article seeking clinic suggestions and other help.

2018 MER Convention

Rockville Hilton, October 3-7. The matter of Sunday morning participation, whether to have a speaker or clinics is still under review. Brian will check with Jack Dziadu on this matter. The 2008 name, “Potomac Junction” and logo will be utilized, and Marshall will update the artwork. Jim Kinder will be asked if he will do the silent auction, and Bob Clegg will be asked if he will provide the software and tickets as he did for the recent Carolina Piedmont Convention. The RPM group will be informed about the room rental costs at the hotel and asked whether they wish to participate.



Old Business

Outreach: Brian will write an article for the Flyer describing the plan for a speaker’s group to promote the hobby and soliciting member’s suggestions for possible clubs to visit.

The question of annexing counties in VA & WVA not included in a Division’s territory remains under review. There are eleven unaffiliated members who face a disadvantage in pursuing MMR status. Bob Price at MER has agreed to contact these members about possible Division membership. He indicated the matter must be submitted to the MER Board.

Bylaw Revision: Marshall will revise the existing draft based the comments that have been received. Assuming the Board is satisfied with the proposed revisions, Marshall will communicate them to the membership for review prior to asking the membership to vote and approve them at the Spring business meeting.

New Business

Marshall will investigate the purchase of a PA system and microphone for use in presentations. We will apply to the MER for a grant to pay for half the cost through their matching funds program.

Ed will draft a survey to be sent to the membership. It will concentrate on obtaining suggestions for Division services and activities not currently available.

Bill White and John will serve as a nominating committee for 2017.

Next Meeting

January 14, 2017 at John’s house.

Action Items:

Preparation of MER18 notice on the website. Marshall & Bill Mosteller

Incorporate suggested changes into by-law revision draft and distribute to Board for review prior to submission to the membership. Marshall

Check with Jack Dziadu on Sunday MER18 participation: Brian

Update artwork for MER18. Marshall

Prepare a notice to the membership seeking nominations for board members in 2017 to be published in the Flyer. John and Bill White

Prepare an article for the Flyer concerning creating a speaker’s group and soliciting possible club suggestions: Brian

Investigate the possible purchase of a potable PA system and microphone: Marshall.

Minicon: publicity: Ed; modulars: Tom; contest room: John; speaker: Brian; clinicians: Tom; check with St. Mathews on possible bad weather date. Tom.