Minutes - May 14, 2011

    The Board of Directors of the Potomac Division, Mid-East region, National Model
Railroad Association, met on Saturday May 14, at Brian Sheron’s house, with the following
in attendance: Marshall Abrams, Bill Day, Brian Sheron, Mike White, Marty McGuirk and Glenn
    The paymaster’s report was given by Mike White, showing a balance of $3,522.74.  

Major payments were made to St. Mathews Church for the April Minicon.

    The Computer Clerk’s report was also made by Mike White, reporting on the analysis
of the recent survey given to Minicon attendees.

    Marshall Abrams said he would send suggestions to Mike White on making a web page
report on the Minicon. Marshall said that he would also send the Board an article on

conducting a clinic as a telecom (See Program Coordination below), and would send Bill Day a
list of clinicians for White Flag Extras. Marshall volunteered to write up the new program
scheme for the Business Car column in the Flyer.

    Bill Day discussed outreach to other organizations noting that a specific objective
should be determined before overtures are made.

    Marty McGuirk discussed the Flyer, suggesting modular group columns if there was
genuine news. Input for articles was set at June 1. The Board agreed that printed versions
of the Flyer would be in black and white rather than in color.

    Brian Sheron outlined open house tours on the schedule, noting that a June White
Flag Extra clinic by Marty Brechbiel would take the place of an open house. July and August
would have no open houses. Marty McGuirk would hold an open house on Saturday, September 17,
with Bill Day door sitting. It was decided to skip an open house and clinic in October due
to conflicting Mid-East Region Convention and the Timonium Train Show.

    Brian Sheron discussed the Achievement Program, noting that Andrew Dodge had
qualified for Master Model Railroader and had received his plaque at the Minicon.

    Bill Day discussed White Flag Extras, with Mike White noting that survey results
suggested holding open houses and clinics on Saturdays. The Board agreed. Bill said he would
contact volunteers for the White Flag Extras program, indicating further that he would plan
the program for September. On the question of attendance, the Board agreed that both open
houses and clinics should be offered each month (except October) during the height of the
modeling season, September through March. Clinics should vary, but could include hands-on,
handouts and PowerPoint presentations, as appropriate. An evaluation form for clinics was
suggested and Bill Day will provide a sample at the next Board meeting. Charges for clinics
will be made for materials only. Clinics will alternate between Maryland and Virginia,
located near the beltway.

Moderated self-help clinics were discussed but no decision was made.

The next Board meeting will be at Bill Day’s house in Potomac Falls, Virginia, on Saturday,
July 30.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Bill Day